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Wholesaler Information

for information on how to purchase wholesale jewelry with Jewar Mandi:

If you are interested in purchasing our jewelry wholesale, please email us at: info@bubberbeautypalace.com with the following information:

1. Your business name and address.

2. Website (if applicable).

3. Phone number and contact information & email address.

4. A short description of your business.

We will contact you as soon as possible with wholesale information.

When we receive your first order, if you request so in the comment box, well will post your business in our retail store listing! Feel free to send us an email with your order that includes a 25 word or less description of your business as well as the name, address and contact information, as you would like for it to appear. Feel free to include a link button if you have one.

*tax id numbers and all personal information will be kept private.

For orders, returns & questions: