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How can I register withBubber Beauty Palace ?
You need to click on 'My Account' option at the top right corner of our Website which would direct to next page asking for User ID / Password / Create an Account / Recover Password. Click on "Create an Account" and update the essential details to 'Register' and you are done.
In case you are already registered, just click 'My Account' option at the top right corner of our Website and you will be taken to the relevant page.
In case you have forgotten your password, please click ‘Forgot your password' on the same page and you will be able to generate a new one via the link we send to your registered email id.

What is the Account Dashboard?
It has your order history, contact details on record, address book (saved for shipping and billing both) and current newsletter subscription status. You can also change your account password from the same page. use the edit feature to make changes as necessary.

How can I save my wish list?
You need to Login in order to save your wish list. In case you like a product to add to your Wish list, just click the Heart icon on the product image and you will be prompted to log in or register. Please do so to continue adding products to your wish list.
Alternately, you can always choose to 'My Account' as soon as you visit us from the top right corner.

What are the ongoing offers/ promotions on your website?
To provide the best ever shopping experience to our customers, we keep on updating our offers from time to time.
I want to use two discount codes at a time. Can I ?
Only one discount code can be used at a time to place an order. Multiple discount codes cannot be clubbed.

I want to unsubscribe. How can I do it?
We are sorry to know about your wish to unsubscribe. However, you always have an option to do the needful from the “Click here” link at the bottom of the page as given in the below screen shot.
Click on "CLICK HERE" option (highlighted in blue) which is also hyper linked which is available right at the bottom of the newsletter.
Post clicking on "CLICK HERE", you get the option below :
Click on 'Unsubscribe' - to unsubscribe your email id from our newsletter and promotional email listings.
You can also unsubscribe using MY ACCOUNT under the section "NEWSLETTER" where you get the Checkbox to Unsubscribe the Newsletter.

Why is there a difference in price in the checkout page and payment gateway?
The price which you see on our website in any other currency other than USD is only for reference purpose and it keeps on fluctuating on a daily basis. However, the actual price is charged to you as per the rates (Foreign Exchange) applicable at the time of payment including the transaction charges (which includes inter-bank rates) and these rates are calculated by the Payment Gateways and not by Bubber Beauty Palace.
It's due to this reason because of which the final amount on our website might vary than what you pay through the payment gateway.
Further, few banks also charge Inter-bank rates for overseas transactions and their respective relaxation limits may vary from country to country.

What is an authorization code? How do I get the Authorization Code?
An authorization code is a six digit alphanumeric code which is generated after making a transaction.

You need to contact your Bank / Card provider for helping you with the Authorization Code specific to the transaction date and amount.

Do I need to register with PayPal in order to make payment through it?
No, it is not compulsory to register with PayPal. You can use PayPal as a Guest User. Guest user is being used by credit/debit card holder who wants to use the PayPal gateway just as a service provider.

I am getting the message as "PE101". What does this mean?
This message might appear because of any of the below reasons :-

1. If you push the back button of the browser


2. You might be attempting to make a purchase from a public computer (library, university, workplace) where cookies might have been disabled.

You need to clear the cookies, re start the browser and then re submit the transaction.

What about charges levied for International Transaction Fees and Local Taxes?
International Transaction Fees:
Cross Border or, International Transaction Fees, if any charged by the respective bank from your credit or debit card will not be refunded. Please note these are hidden charges levied by your bank on you, and not by us. Customers must contact their bank for additional information on these charges

Local Taxes:
The VAT / Custom Duty / Local Taxes / Import Duties are borne directly by the customer as per local laws, to be paid at the time of delivery as advised by the respective courier partner. We will not refund any such charges, if applicable during order delivery.

I can see an additional amount charged in the statement. Why ?
We never charge any additional amount other than the order value. However, certain banks do charge for International transactions which is beyond our control. Kindly get in touch with your bank for further clarification.

I have placed my order. When will I receive it ?
Time to dispatch varies from Item to Item. You may refer to the Order Confirmation Mail where in we have mentioned the time to ship against each item(s).

If opted for stitching services, additional 3 working days would be needed to ship the item(s).
Post shipment the courier takes around 3 to 5 business days to deliver the product at your doorstep.

What is my Order Status?
To keep a track of your order, please follow the below steps:-

1. Log in with us through "LOG IN" option or click on http://bubberbeautypalace.com/customer/account/login/

2.Click on "My Account".

3. Go to "Orders" tab. Click on "View Details" to check the status of your order.

4. You will find the expected shipping date mentioned beside your ordered item(s).
Or, you may click on the below link to track the order directly:-

How will I know if the order has been placed successfully?
We trigger an Order Confirmation mail as soon as an order is placed with us. Alternatively, you may also login to the My Account section and check the status of your order, which might take some time to get uploaded in your account.

I have placed an order but I haven't received any Order Confirmation Email
An Order Confirmation Email gets triggered instantly from our system on receipt of Payment against an Order. In case the payment is through from your end and still you have not received the Order Confirmation Mail, there might be some technical glitch. It happens in a very rare instance.

Alternatively you may login to your My Account and check the status of the order placed by you.

In case you still find any discrepancy, please get in touch with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

Can I receive my order earlier than the time to dispatch mentioned on the website ?
Yes, there might be a possibility but the same can only be committed post confirmation from our workshop. In such scenarios you should get in touch with our Customer Care and we shall get back to you with the best possible resolution.

We would also like to inform you that we have lot of items available in 1 day shipment category which can be delivered within 3 to 5 days from the date of order. You may select "Within 1 day" from the "Time to Dispatch" filter available in our left navigation.

Could there be a delay at Bubber Beauty Palace because of "unforeseen circumstances"?
We try our best to assure that your ordered products are shipped out to you in the promised time, but at times there are chances of delay in processing due to unavailability of stock, or other unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, we will send you a formal communication requesting you to :

a) Accept a Gift Card of equivalent value which you may use to purchase an alternate Ethnic Fashion Statement

b) Opt to receive a refund of your money.

I want to expedite my delivery. Are there any extra charges?
Post dispatch normally an item takes somewhere around 3 to 5 days for delivery at the Customer's doorstep. Any possibility of expedition depends on the shipping address and our Courier partner's feasibility to do the same.

In case of any such requirement, please get in touch with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to let you know about the possibility plus the extra charges, if any.

Can I add an item in my existing order?
Once the order has been placed, no further items can be added to the same order. You will have to place a new order for the additional item(s).

What is custom duty and why do we have to pay Custom Duty charges?
Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another, it is subject to these charges by the importing country's rules and regulations.

Charges such as Custom or Import Duties, VAT, Local Sales Tax, Clearance charges are not in our or any seller's control and are determined by the respective local government bodies.

I have paid the shipping charges then why am I being asked to pay more?
Shipping cost refers to the cost of shipping an item from the origin to the destination country and the same needs to be paid to the Courier partners.

Custom Duty is something which is over and above the Shipping Cost. Custom Duty charges are tax levied on import of goods by the Custom authorities of the respective Country.

Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another it is subject to these charges by the importing country rules and regulations. The charges may vary according to the rules of different countries depending on the item, item value, quantity, end use, materials or methods used to make the item and is solely at the discretion of the duty officer.

I was not charged Custom Duty on my previous orders, then why now?
We have no control over these charges and cannot predict where they will occur. Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another it is subject to these charges by the importing country's rules and regulations. The charges may vary according to the rules of different countries depending on the item, item value, quantity, end use, materials or methods used to make the item and is solely at the discretion of the duty officer.

We encourage our Customers to touch base with your Country's Customs Office for a better clarity on the subject.

Why there was no instruction about the Custom charges while placing the order?
We have mentioned about the possible Custom Duty / VAT implications in our Shipping Policy.

Since the Custom Duty / VAT implication varies from Country to Country and also not charged on 100% of the shipments, it is absolutely not possible for us to predict in 100% of the instances.

What should I do when my package is open and the product seal is broken?
This may happen due to some Custom checking or any other Country specific rules. Please check whether your ordered items are intact and safe.

If not, please mention the same on the delivery acknowledgement copy, if any and also get in touch with our Customer Care team at the earliest. We shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

Can I opt for Combined Shipment to avoid custom duty charges?
Yes, you can opt for combined shipment and the same is advisable as well from Custom Duty / VAT implication perspective. However it might not avoid the complete Custom Duty impact but may result in reduction of the impact. We do recommend combined shipment for all the Custom Duty impacted countries.

In case you wish to opt for Combined Shipment, you may put the requirement as a comment in the "Instruction Box" which would appear in the "Thank You" page as soon as you place an order.

Alternatively in case you have already placed an order and you wish to opt for the same, please touch base with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

Can I cancel after 24 hours of placing an order?
1) Well, we have a provision for that too but do remember - orders cancelled post 24 hours of confirmation are dealt with on a case-to-case basis by our Customer Care team depending on the degree of process completion.

2) We provide the refund for all such orders in the form of Store Credit only. This is redeemable on our Website within a stipulated period from time of issuance.

3) Please be apprised that it takes a maximum of 2 business days, post the receipt of your cancellation request, for us to cancel your order, and send you a notification via e-mail.

4) In case of refund, Bubber Beauty Palace will deduct 10% of the final order value due to Cancellation Fees which includes management & handling charges.

Can I cancel my order in case I change my mind after ordering ?
Yes, you can choose to cancel all Non-Ready to Ship products, only if done within 24 hours of placing the order. We will initiate 100% refund of your money and a confirmation of the same will be sent to you via e-mail, though we would have loved to have added a new Ethnic Fashion statement to your wardrobe. Please be apprised that Ready To Ship orders are not eligible for cancellations as they are dispatched within 24 hours of the receipt of order.

In what scenarios would you not accept any returns ?
Kindly be informed that any product purchased from our ‘Sale’ Section will not be eligible for return as per the Return Policy except if it's an error on our part relating to a manufacturing defect or if a wrong item has been shipped out to you by mistake.
We do not accept any returns if the product is dispatched to us after 7 days of receiving the shipment, so please make sure you report the matter to us, and dispatch the product at the earliest once we accept the return request.
Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Accepted" Confirmation email from us, we will not be able to entertain such requests.

I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do ?
We process the refund from our end within 24 hours of sending the confirmation mail to you. However the bank may take up to 10 working days to credit the amount in your account.
Will I get a refund of the duty paid if I return the product ?
Custom Duty / Custom Charges are country specific charges and are charged as per the rules of the local Government. It is something which is beyond our control. Thus, refund of Custom Duty / Custom Charges will not be possible.

For any concerns, please touch base with our customer care team.